Sunday, March 8, 2015

Distant Memories - More Distant Solutions

During the past week was particularly memorable. Why? It's because so many people I had conversations with or overheard snippets of their conversations cried out in unison though they never met each other. Their cries were of anguish and frustration; where those who once provided hope were now wallowing in hopelessness, looking for a glimmer.

The government of the day seems to impose taxes, trying to seemingly right macro-economic challenges with micro-economic solutions. Their decisions based on rims and remy hair extensions which they believe the populous wasted their money buying. The decisions of politicians based on the own sphere of influence from the "masses" they serve.

Sad to say that in our day of the educated, not even a new theory can be developed to address the situation of the family and the economy. Economist looking woefully to Keynes and others who's economic models did not have the variables present in our current climates.

Despite everyone being faced with various situations, the cry is the same in unison. Will there be any ease any time soon?

I've heard stories of people who once had means to purchase whatever they wanted, create employment, and develop opportunities; now are hopeless. Uncertain of their next step and if they can take it, as their means of doing so once, have been eroded.

Death seems to be offering the welcome mat of peace. Yet, even dead men are taxed in their graves. Though dead they experience the long arm of the law.

The mounting pressures of being unable to provide the basics for one's self and family. There is no longer any surplus to assist a neighbour. The ability to address extras like medical expenses, both anticipated and unexpected is challenging. Those who once made surefooted decisions now second guess themselves.

Generally, it is thought that there is nothing new under the sun, yet solutions do not seem imminent. So the question that's begging to be asked is - Will our memories be distant or would the solutions be even more far off?

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