Saturday, February 8, 2014

Time Management - Really...

Life today is challenging and hectic, with many different activities vying for our attention. So often comments are made by people that there just aren't enough hours in a day, How they'll have to clone themselves to get things done. Claims extend to how busy people are with home and work activities.

The clincher comes though when one observes these said people, or better yet when they get to really take notice of what they're doing. How much of it is really important? Do it take them closer to their goals, dreams, and aspirations?

Take a look at some scenarios that unfold and then decide if they are a good use of time. Some of them may be funny, some may offend you if they apply to you. If you're easily hurt - STOP READING NOW!

  • Walking around the office all day, spending time in discussion that have nothing to do with work - television shows, other people's business, your own laments and woes, just idle talk. 
  • Shuttling ourselves and children to multiple events on a daily basis and not really knowing what they excel at doing. 
    • Are they multitasking opportunities where we can exercise rather than sitting around waiting, for instance?
  • Why do we waste time on the mental commute? When we are at work, agonizing over the dreaded Monday morning through to the TGIF happy moments. We should be living in the moment. While at work, work; when at play, play. Get off the roller coaster of thinking of the other one [work] while at play / vice-versa. 
I'm sure you know many other examples, so I'll stop here. 

Schedule time for everything - even appointments with yourselves. Trust me this is quite useful. You'll see your time management improve. Use the smartphones you paid so much money for to send the alerts. When they first came out the brags about their memory capacity were staggering. Use them and free your mind up for more useful things like thinking. You'll be amazed at the progress you can make towards your goals. 

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