Monday, August 5, 2013

The Best Advice Ever....a true story

I've been consulting & training for many years and daily I come up against some situations that are "new" not only to me but to many others. I love what I do since boredom is seldom my reality and for my clients, the solutions seem endless since we've had some seemly impossible situations that we've had to deal without any of them being something from which I could draw from a template.

There have been times, more often than I care to remember, when I have had challenges within my own work environment that I literally did not know how I was going to survive each one. Depending on who you ask, seeking help was a sign of weakness / strength. The thing is, those who offered help most willingly were those who were off island and knew nothing about me - The offices of Zig Ziglar, Les Brown and others were really great with their assistance.

My clients enjoy a high percentage of success when working with us. They have:

  • received significant "impossible" funding through preparations of documents 
  • turned around their entities from a losing position to start earning revenues and profits within short time frames
  • streamlined their operations after completing audits 
  • seen results of training programs in as little as 24 hours / shortly afterwards 
  • made significant strategic contacts, programs, and moves that encouraged them to have sustainable entities
There are more benefits that I would not elaborate on here, but here's the thing. 

In many instances, I did not know where to begin. Sure we have the formal education, the degrees, the courses, but even when internships are involved it does precious little to prepare you for the actual situation. 

No one that I knew of, and my network's huge, had experiences in many of the challenges my clients had so that I could even subcontract their services. (Subcontracting's not a problem for me, since I believe that it's better to make 1% of a million dollars, than 100% of $1,000). So I did what I have always done, which has worked 100% of the time. I put the entire set of situations before God

Yes, I have been working bonafide in consulting and training since 1995, but God has way more experience than I will ever have. The results were / are always phenomenal! Often happening at speeds that I did not fathom before. It has gotten to the stage now that because of this expectancy from having walked the path before with God, I can now offer solutions quicker than most. It is like being able to think multidimensional, seeing action and outcome almost at once. Daily I give God thanks for this gift and the help that others receive through it. It is humbling to see situations that were really challenging being solved.

Am I living on purpose? I really feel so. 

If you ever get to use our services and think to yourselves - This is The Best Advice Ever - then give God thanks for granting me the necessary insight and oftentimes experiences.

About me
Richard Blades is a Business Consultant & Trainer with Blades & Blades Consultancy Services.  As a Senior Founding Partner, he remains committed to high standards and being well researched. He loves to have a fun time while working since work occupies a great percentage of your life. Known in most circles as Richie B. he has a wealth of experience in consulting and training which he candidly shares. Find our more about our services and if you require them fill out our surveys for business advisory services and training

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