Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sources of Funding

Almost daily, there is a constant flow of people seeking funding for their businesses. These funds are often needed for start ups and expansions. Many are fed up with the banking systems for various reasons. Others just want to go with the investors who are serious. So here's one for you.

There are sites that you can seek your own investment. Develop your own business plans, independently or with help from people who offer similar services to ours.

Here's the thing. You now know where you can go. You can go there directly. What you don't know is what tools and strategies to use and when. Does that matter?  You don't seem to think so, since many people think that people in my line of work just sit and write documents and charge large fees.

So cheers to your success. Have a go at it yourselves and you must be honest in letting us know how well you do and the time it took you to get it done. Share your successes, your failures, and your set backs. What makes you frustrated with the process will also be useful. Many readers would love to read of your stories.

Check out these links. I must warn you of the following though:

  • The print may be fine
  • There may be no pictures 
  • There's a lot of reading to go through to find exactly what you require. 
Without further ado, let's get started. 

  • Go 4 Funding - Here you'll learn about venture capitalist and angel investors for starters. Hope you like their requirements. 
  • The Angel Investment Network is another you may wish to consider. 
  • For those who love The Grants - money that you don't have to pay back. I wish you the best of luck. Here's another one you may check out to see if you qualify. It's by the UNDP. 
  • For sources of funding larger than your immediate requirements see think link
There are many others. However what's gone before should more than keep you busy for some time. You already know the commercial banks in your jurisdictions. You know, the ones many people constantly complain about but are always able to offer the support when you really need it. The true success in dealing with the banks comes from managing your financial information properly so that they will offer the assistance you require. STOP TRYING TO HIDE INFORMATION from those who you are hoping will trust you enough to grant you access to their funds. YOU MUST OPERATE IN A TRUST WORTHY MANNER!

Here's hoping that as you wade through the aforementioned sites, you will think about how you attorneys, accountants, and business advisory specialist really offer you value; that permits you to focus on your core business skills and activities.

Check you later on. Until next time...

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