Thursday, May 30, 2013

My Teacher - Experience

Those who know me, would realize that when I interact with them, I tend to be direct. Up to this week, I was told that by someone who just met me fleetingly. Having heard it so often, I paused to think about how my characteristic trait was affecting others with whom I interacted. Further probing revealed that though direct, I am not brash.

Let's turn to what excites me immensely - Business. 

I just love it when people bring me business problems that seem insurmountable. It may seem strange but some people like puzzles, I like the ones that have real life effects. When people describe their challenges to me, I almost immediately or at least within a couple days am able to identify solutions to the challenge. Not from the standpoint of any special gifting that I may have. It often comes from experience. 

What gives me this immense experience?

Usually I would have gone through a similar experience before either via a third party or personally. Lots of things happen to me, and truthfully, I often ask God why these situations are happening to me. One time after  my pleading for an answer, I finally got it. "It's not about you." 

What a revelation that was...

Who trains the trainer? Who develops the consultant? In my case, it's experience. What has experience taught me? Here are a couple, just a few of those lessons. 

  • It is possible to realize just about any business deal providing you communicate you case well. 
  • All things are possible, when presented with the right conditions. The word can't exist only when all the angles haven't been developed / explored. 
  • You don't necessarily need an asset base to obtain money. You need to demonstrate a clear and reliable, well thought out and practical system of operating, marketing, and financing. 
Because of these and similar lessons, through God's grace. We've successfully:
  • Obtained financing from a local bank for a business established in another country
  • Employ turn around strategies for entities that were in the "red" permitting them to get their finances in the black within rather short times. The fastest one was a one day turnaround. The second one was a six figure turnaround within 90 days
  • Enabled an entity to secure 3 forms of financing with one document
    • Loan
    • Direct Investment
    • Grant Funding
  • Developed collaborations whereby teams have helped businesses and charities realize their business objectives within the required time lines and within budget. 
There's something about developing the plans and then providing the training for the implementation of the same plans. Those entities enjoy greater success. Did I tell you the amount of fun I have helping these entities? It's exhilarating! 

Maybe we can do business sometime... 

Thank you experience. You're a great teacher. 

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