Sunday, May 12, 2013

CFFB Questions & Answers - Excerpts from the official April 2013 launch

Seeing the young innocent children being affected by this illness tugs at the heartstrings of virtually anyone.  We, as adults, are often found asking ourselves, why them?  If you're the parent, you really don't have the time to really ask these types of questions.

The questions that more readily come to mind as a parent consist of thoughts like:

  • How can I save my child?
  • I have to find a way to afford the expense of this illness to keep my child alive. Failure is not an option. What opportunities are there?
  • Who can help me save my child?
Lord, show us a way to help people better experience life as they battle with this seemingly incurable illness. We place all our trust in you that though there's no cure as yet. You will help us in our quest to find one. Thank you Almighty God for your grace and favor through Jesus Christ our Lord. 

This is the plea of many a parent, their supporters, their friends and family. It is the cry of all mankind affected by this illness either directly or through their loved ones. Here's how we are helping in Barbados from where we stand. Take a look at this short excerpt from the launch of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation of Barbados.

Thank you for taking part just by watching this video excerpt. You can follow us on Facebook or just go straight to our CF website . You can make donations, apply for membership and sign up to volunteer. The forms are on these sites.

Make a difference to tomorrow for those who suffer with CF by offering of yourselves and your resources.

Thank you.

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