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The benefits of treating your customers well

There are a couple things that go towards making business successful; one of them is a constant flow of customers. The thing is, many businesses don't go beyond lip service when it comes to serving customers.

Daily we hear expensive commercials making promises that seldom deliver; and this is evidenced by the number of factors: Staff are poorly trained in handling the product(s) / service(s). They may not have adequate knowledge about what they are offering for saleThe systems have not been adjusted to meet the increased demand in business, hence bottlenecks / shortages result within the operation. Incidences where the company can renege on its word which can lead to damaged credibility. Interdepartmental disconnect can lead to frustrated customers  By now you get the picture of the myriad of things that can go wrong when interacting with customers without properly planned systems. 
When planning promotions for your workplace it is necessary to pay attention to the support systems…