Ineffective Telecom Usage

Mobile phones have become mainstream in most societies. Virtually everyone has access to one for their usage on a daily basis.

Recently, I was driving through Wildey and saw a business promoting their power tools, and I got to thinking that there were mobile phone units that cost more than these tools. Neither the power tools nor the mobile units were cheap.

Then my mind took me to the thought of how they were used. The power tools were used for the specific purpose for which they were intended. The mobile phone has the main characteristic of communication, however, I don't think we do it very well.

Many of us seem to have the daily ritual of sending good morning messages, jokes, and bad news/warnings. Often the recipient gets the same message at least 4 times; a conversation with the sender may reveal how hard things are for them, yet they never sent a tip out as to how they may have been able to help someone in need. The thing is many are in business.

Since most phones are pric…

Is there anything done yet?

It is no laughing matter when you see that this is already the 10th week of the year. With the speed of which we got here and the changes that are going on around us, we need to ask. What have we accomplished? Are we on target to realize anything?
Time is an asset that is often misused. If we lose money, chances are we can make it again. However, losing time; well that's gone for good. 
With the other 42 weeks left, what will we experience?  Entire governments are changingNew inventions and innovations are being introducedBusinesses are opening their doors for the first time while others close their doors for the last timeThe landscape is changing with people of all age categories dying, yet others are being born and are making strides at a pace faster than the eras past What will be the contributions that those of us who are currently alive make that can positively impact those around us? There are opportunities via businesses/charities even our daily activities to add value. Who …

We must bear responsibility

Almost daily, the news media is flooded with messages and opinions about the government. It is not unique to Barbados, but many nations face this dilemma. Usually, I observe, tending to keep my opinions to myself, and certainly not becoming involved in political discussions of any sort. By now, if you have gotten this far and read the topic then you must know when I'm coming from and wondering where I am going.

Politicians, to those who are interested, seem to play to the gallery of onlookers. Often they say things to press the emotional buttons of the listener to spark either their support for their party or for themselves, as we're seeing in recent times. There are some things that are common among them that I have an issue with; not with the politician, but with the people who listen/not listen to them. This concern for the people includes me as a citizen.

For too long, politicians have been throwing no end of buzz words, cliches, and phrases that are little more than wand…

An overlooked marketing opportunity

Recently, I was facilitating training which comprised of a variety of business people. Among them were a small group of the hearing impaired and a translator, using American Sign Language.  They attended the entire series of sessions and my curiosity got the better of me as we were discussing the topic of operations.

I asked the translator when signing how many languages would be able to understand. Needless to say, it was an eye opener the response I got. When signing in that particular method people who understood English and Spanish could understand.

Wow! So why are more of us NOT learning to sign? We would expand our communication methods much more. As a tourism destination, it may give us a marketing edge being able to communicate with a more wide cross-section of people. What would that mean for the island of Barbados/The Caribbean? Maybe we should start learning to sign and find out.

Addressing a global issue as a small property

After traveling well in excess of 15 hours, a tired traveler arrives at their hotel ahead of the check-in time. The hotel was fully booked with back to back check out arrivals. Most of the other arrivals don't arrive until late evening that day.

The hotel should:

Give the early arriving guests priority with having their room prepared quickly so that they can access it a bit earlier. Make them wait until the appointed check-in time because of the hotel's policy.  Almost daily, this is a situation that faces many. Yet despite being the case, many properties still struggle with the decision of what is best to be perceived as offering good hospitality. 
The question(s) they need to ask is/are: What is great hospitality?How do our standards align with the perception of great hospitality?Where do gaps exist in what we currently offer and what we should be offering?How quickly can we amend the situation should gaps be found? How do we convey our findings and changes to our team member…

It's time...

Daily in our lives, we are faced with recurring situations that if we are not careful can cause us to lose sight of our goals, aims, and aspirations. This can happen in our personal and working lives, yet so many people have chosen to remain dissatisfied rather than take action to change their outcomes. To have a conversation with them will seem like they are entrenched in disillusionment without any hope of relief.

Have you ever been tired of being sick and tired? Have you ever felt as if you were in a situation without hope for a better existence?

Well, you have to decide you want something different in your lives and be willing to commit to making those changes.

In short, It's Time:

To stop procrastinating about going after your dreams. To commit your life to the Almighty as he is a God of order and, right now, you can do with some order in your life. To make solid concrete goals, and commit to realizing them within a specific timeframe. Do you believe that you can do more with…

Really?!?! - Examples of Customer Interactions

We have a long way to go when we are going to be talking about customer service. The thing is I'm making reference to as a region, not any one island. We are in serious trouble if we're to be globally competitive.

To get an idea of what I mean, have a look at the following scenarios.

While being served at a restaurant attached to a hotel, the server at the table was more than a little inexperienced in her role as a waitress. It seemed like the tables of customers were a bother to her and it showed in her attitude. She got orders wrong, spilled the food, and when serving wine actually created a storm in the wine glass with the sound effects of thunder. The glass was noisily placed on the table with the wine sloshing around inside the bowl of the glass. She didn't know who the party comprised of, neither did she care. Another restaurant and bar attached to a hotel, the male server on this occasion tried to communicate mentally, he came up to the inside of the bar where a larg…