Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day Eve - 2011 Ramblings

From the looks of things, I only seem to get here every time it's mother's day. This last year has been quite the episode. Lots of changes on the landscape. People nowadays are so busy that they can't get to socialize like time gone by, people dying, and funerals have been huge. Yet the general consensus is / was regrets for not spending enough quality time.

This time around who knows what's going to happen. My sister and I have already decided that we'll have to do the major celebrations next weekend. Since this weekend is revision for her and pain management for me. Not the most exciting of weekends.

This summer's going to be a pretty major family event. My cousin's getting married in the USA and lots of the family will be in attendance - at least that's the plan. It will be great to see everyone possible in one spot.

Well I'm tired and am going to get some rest - hopefully. I'll chat some more hopefully before another year passes.

A Blessed Mother's Day to all the Mom's!!!

One Love. 

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